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Vitamin E Supplements Carbondale IL

Looking for Vitamin E Supplements in Carbondale? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Carbondale that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Vitamin E Supplements in Carbondale.

H & R Advertising
(618) 457-8100
1 Nutrition Plz
Carbondale, IL
Silver Foxes Club
(618) 457-8100
1 Nutrition Plz
Carbondale, IL
General Nutrition Centers
(618) 549-1718
Univ Mall
Carbondale, IL
Life's Finest Inc
(618) 457-8100
1 Nutrition Plz
Carbondale, IL
Heins Lisa Ms Rd Ld
(618) 687-1774
1829 Walnut St
Murphysboro, IL
Neighborhood Co-Op
(618) 529-3533
1815 W Main St
Carbondale, IL
Nutrition Headquarters
(618) 457-8100
1 Nutrition Plz
Carbondale, IL
Town Square Market
(618) 529-2312
106 E Jackson St
Carbondale, IL
Natural Choice The
(618) 985-6224
112 E Plaza Dr
Carterville, IL
Johnston City Chiropractic Ce
(618) 983-3900
217 E Broadway Blvd
Johnston City, IL

Vitamin E


Vitamin E has a documented effect on supporting immune cell activity and increasing resistance to infections. It both enhances and protects the immune system. 

White blood cells have a higher concentration of vitamin E than do red blood cells, and vitamin E has been shown to increase activity of phagocytes and T cells. 

A deficiency in vitamin E lowers general host resistance by depressing the proliferation of lymphocytes and the antibody response to pathogens. It also lowers delayed hypersensitivity reactions, a crucial immunological response to cancer, worms, and chronic infections}

A potent intracellular antioxidant, vitamin E protects lymphocytes and monocytes from dismemberment by free radicals and therefore significantly increases both the life expectancy and effectiveness of these immune defenders. Vitamin E also suppresses the hormone called prostaglandin E2, which has been linked to age-related declines in immune response.

Several studies have shown that even moderate supplementation of vitamin E can reduce the statistical rate of infections among healthy older people. In animal studies, high doses of vitamin E given to elderly animals have caused their immune response to equal that of younger individuals. So this is one more nutrient that may help in slowing the natural decline of immunity with aging.

Vitamin E supplements can improve immune function in as little as a month. When vitamin E was given to a group of elderly men and women, numerous aspects of immunity improved, including increased T -cell activity. At the same time, free-radical damage decreased. In another study, vitamin E supplements also improved immune function in otherwise healthy young adults.

Vitamin E is one of the few nutrients for which higher than recommended amounts have been shown to enhance the immune response and might be needed to maintain the optimum immune response. However, supplementation above 600 IU should be avoided unless professionally recommended.

Vitamin E has been shown to indirectly inhibit HIV replication by quenching free radicals (which promote HIV replication) and by stimulating various aspects of the immune system. One type of vitamin E, d-alpha tocopheryl succinate, can also stop the growth of cancers, including those caused by retroviruses similar to HIV.

Symptoms of Vitamin E Deficiency


Premature aging

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